Agitated Unfilled Extended Geometric Figure Made Of Ersatz Substance

by Dave Phillips

  • 7"

    Limited edition yellow vinyl 7" in clear polyvinyl chloride sleeve.

    Two pieces for hand-held agitated unfilled extended geometric figures made of synthetic ersatz substance with straight parallel sides and a circular round section at each end.

    Presented as recorded in real-time without any edits, overdubs or effects added. This recording contains unprocessed acoustic sounds only.

    Recorded using binaural microphones on a found, carved dummy head at the Diener 40 recording studio in Zürich on 27th june 2011. 100% acoustic rave action.

    "Imitative behaviour has all too often invited the equivalent of a naive realist interpretation of perception, in the sense that an exact copy of the model behaviour is expected. Like perception, however, imitation always points to the cognitive capabilities of the imitator as well as to the model."

    Headphone listening recommended. Play very loud, at 45 RPM!!! Available in small hole only.

    This record should be played with a stereo cartridge.

    Recording supervised by the composer.

    Player: Drunk Prick
    Production management: Donkey Papist
    Make-up: Doofus Pyuria
    Hair: Dusky Poodle
    Catering: Awesome Welles

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    Sold Out


released March 1, 2012



Dave Phillips Zurich, Switzerland

dp re/searches & ponders existences & behaviourisms and the greater connectivity. sound as a language, a conscience, a tool of metaphysics, opposing the restriction and reduction of life, activating primordial shared emotions. ritual protest music, sonic activism, therapeutical, cathartic & liberating sound communications. ringing in the era of humanimal. most dimensions are yet to be explored. ... more


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